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What to expect

NY KnowGO drives strategic know-how, tactics, and networking in retail media. Don’t expect another vendor sales conference. Instead, we unite wholesale brands, retailers, and tech providers in an open forum. You’ll get to discover and consolidate vital best practices.

A one-day event, NY KnowGO helps brands and retailers find new ways to collaborate and compete. For a third year in a row we’ll handpick 250+ experts to educate, inform and entertain you. Admission is free for both of the above groups.

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What's on the Agenda?

Stay tuned for the full day's schedule.

The Retail Media Era

Strap yourselves in: we kickstart the day with a crucial overview. Expect a health-check on measurement challenges, inter-company squabbling and technology bottlenecks. How has retail media evolved since last year? And what should brands and retailers expect moving forward?

A word with...

What does the future hold for eCommerce retail? Get inside the minds of three senior leaders to find out. They will answer your questions, share insights and trade opinions for our keynote panel.

Retail panel: design, conquer, monetize, Win.

Today’s platform economy shows no signs of slowing down. Its ever-changing framework can change the game for traditional eCommerce retailers. But how, when and why should they use it to ramp up all aspects of their business?

Breakout Sessions

Grab a pen and notepad, it’s time to sharpen your skillsets. Choose from one of three breakout sessions, running in parallel, to boost your knowledge of a retail media-related topic (TBC).

Marketplaces, D2C, Wholesale: Finding The Perfect Balance

How can brands master a world dominated by marketplace advertising? Combined with D2C and wholesale commitments, getting the balance right takes practice. Our dedicated panel addresses the dynamics involved - and how to get them right.

Amazon: friend or foe

The Amazon juggernaut has revolutionized online shopping. It’s also opened a whole new world for thousands of companies – giving them the space and tools to grow exponentially. But a darker side remains. It cannibalizes other revenue streams, and presents existential threats to brands who choose to leave its ecosystem. How should we evaluate it as part of our strategies for 2020? We’ve brought in Amazon specialists to help find the answers.

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NY KnowGO unites brands and retailers in an open forum.

Meet representatives from these stellar companies:

"We really enjoyed NY KnowGO 2019. The panels were highly informative and it was great to meet and learn from expert speakers in the Retail Media space."

AYLIN ERSAN — Retail Media Lead

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