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October 3, 2019 | UNION PARK, New york city


The Event

As Google and Amazon continue to dominate the shopping experience, brands and retailers must come together to find new ways to compete. That’s why in October 2018, we hosted our inaugural conference: New York KnowGo - a one-day event that was all about helping brands and retailers learn how to better collaborate to win.

The event brings together over 250 members of this community of strategist and practitioners under one roof for lively and highly targeted conversations.

Last year’s event was attended by over 120 delegates representing 90 different brands, including 17 of the top 50 US ecommerce retailers.

At this year’s event we will be welcoming over 250 attendees and provide a highly focused agenda with greater emphasis on first party research, strategy, and actionable insights.

At the event, you will find ways to scale up Co-op partnerships, improve site monetization programs and net worth with retail media experts.


Why Attend NY KnowGO?

NY KnowGO drives strategic know-how, tactics and networking in retail media. Don't expect another vendor sales conference. Instead, we unite wholesale brands, retailers and tech providers in an open forum. You’ll get to discover and consolidate vital best practices.

A one-day event, NY KnowGO helps brands and retailers find new ways to collaborate and compete. We’ve handpicked 250+ experts to educate, inform and entertain. Admission is free*.

* Free admission for brands and retailers.

Unmissable Keynote Speakers

This year’s theme is “Challenging the Status Quo” - via data-driven narratives and razor-sharp insight. Nate Silver re-wrote the U.S.’s cultural and political landscape. Christopher Wylie’s exposé of Cambridge Analytica shattered social media illusions.

Expert Panels Exploring Innovation in Retail, Brands and Amazon

Our experts get granular on retail media and sponsored ads. They also share some of the hard lessons learned along the way. Hear debates on build-vs-buy, internal negotiations and measurement challenges. Each panel explores the nerdy aspects that make this space so interesting.

Breakout Sessions that define best practices

Explore specific topics within the retail media and sponsored ads universe. You’ll get actionable advice from industry experts and peers.

Meet hundreds of like-minded practitioners

Surround yourself with people who share your challenges and know your pain. Retail media evolves constantly. At NY KnowGO you can connect and converse with peers to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. No matter who you represent: we offer a friendly, informal environment.

Get Inspired

Meet our keynote speaker

Nate Silver
Author, The Signal and The Noise
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Attendees in 2019


Different brands


Top 50 US retailers

2019 Agenda

9:00 am
60 min
Breakfast & Registration
10:00 am
30 min
Andreas Reiffen
A New Era of Collaboration
As a Google and Amazon continue their attempt to dominate the shopping experience, brands and retailers need to come together to find a new way to collaborate and compete. Let's find out how.
10:30 AM
60 min
Keynote Speaker | Panel
Precis: Perspectives 2020: What the future holds for ecommerce retail as told from the perspective of a major retailer, brand, platform, and technology vendor.
Each speaker will have 10 minutes for remarks, followed by a 20-minute panel discussion.
11:30 am
30 min
Brand Panel
Precis: Discuss the dynamics involved in managing a DTC business while balancing wholesale commitments, Amazon spend, and platform opportunities.
12:00 pm
60 min
Catered Lunch
1:00 pm
45 min
Keynote Speaker
Founder and CEO of
Topics to include President Trump, politics, data science.  Specifics TBD.
1:45 pm
45 min
Breakout Sessions
Attendees are split into three breakout groups, to be run parallel.
Track One: The $42B Digital Co-opportunity
Track Two: Blurred Lines: Are Marketers Selling Consumers Search Results or Sponsored Ads?
Track Three: Amazon-themed topic
2:30 pm
30 min
Networking Break
3:00 pm
30 min
Retail Panel
Precis: The transition from ecommerce retailer to retail platform is still being defined. How can retailers reinvent themselves to take advantage of the opportunities afforded via site monetization and marketplace sales?
3:30 pm
30 min
Amazon Panel
Precis: Amazon has given opportunities to businesses and individuals to level the playing field in ways that other channels have not. Hear success stories from small-time brands that were able to take on the established players, and win.
4:00 pm
45 min
Keynote Speaker: TBA
4:45 pm
15 min
Closing Remarks
Andreas Reiffen
5:00 pm
Cocktail Reception

Union Park

New York's premier event space in the heart of Union Square boasting urban architecture and modern design

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