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A Sales Tax or An Opportunity? Retail Media in 2021


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Beginning in April 2021, NY KnowGO is back with more illuminating speakers and content. In October 2020, we went virtual with Retail Media Month. Hundreds of brands and retailers joined our series for an in-depth look at Retail Media & Site Monetization.

In 2021, we’re back with more. Each webinar will have its own specific focus, so whether you’re a brand looking for advice on assortment strategy, or a retailer struggling to monetize your site, you’ll find crucial insight.

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Brilliant Speakers

Our speakers are leading experts in a variety of fields, all intersecting in Retail Media. From former Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection Lydia Parnes to Jonathan Craner, Senior Director of Media Partnerships at Overstock, our speakers are veterans of their industries with wealths of knowledge.

Insight content

You’ll walk away from each webinar with key insights to crucial questions in Retail Media and site monetization -- from “Should I own my own tech?” to “Am I 100% confident that I’m in regulatory compliance?”

Develop new skills

Can we kill new skills? I don’t think we have enough info right now about what skills people will learn other than avoiding being sued in courts :)


3:00PM ET

Retail Media: A Sales Tax for Brands or an Opportunity for Growth?

A few years ago, Scott Galloway posited that Amazon’s push for retail media would become a sales tax everyone had to pay. As Galloway predicted, retail media has grown exponentially to become one of the largest advertising channels. But, has retail media in fact become a sales tax for brands, or is it a new opportunity for growth?

Jordan Witmer
Performance Marketing, Johnson & Johnson
Andreas Reiffen
Founder & CEO, Crealytics

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What our attendees say

“We really enjoyed NY KnowGO 2019. The panels were highly informative and it was great to meet and learn from expert speakers in the Retail Media space.”

Aylin Ersan
Retail Media Lead, Douglas
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